We have been studying about the muscular system in class.  Muscles produce movement by contracting and relaxing.  Share a movement that is controlled by voluntary muscles.  Now, share a movement that is controlled by involuntary muscles.
11/7/2012 01:28:32 am

voluntary muscles isyou use to move your arms and legs or face head , fingers you can make these muscels contract or relax to control the way your body moves

11/7/2012 01:28:33 am

Involuntary muscles are heart beacuse you can not make it stop beating

11/7/2012 01:31:23 am

You yoose a arm for a voluntary muscle. A involuntary muscle is your heart.

11/7/2012 01:31:48 am

vlountary mucles are your smile,legs to walk,arms and hands to type.

11/7/2012 01:33:07 am

Voluntary muslcles are like your arms you move them!awsome

Involuntary muslcles are the ones you can not control like your eyeslids.

11/7/2012 01:33:50 am

One way you use involuntary muscles is your lungs becase you have to breath but you dont sit thare thinking about it.Voluntary muscles you think about doing it like when you move your arm you contract your muscles.Contrract means to move it and it means to pull your arm in.

11/7/2012 01:34:03 am

To smile you use voluntary muscles. Involuntary tells your lungs to brethe.

11/7/2012 01:34:21 am

This is how to use Voluntary
Are the muscles you usae to move arms,leg,face,head andfringer

11/7/2012 01:36:23 am

A volutary muscles move your arms and legs your face and head.

Emma B.
11/7/2012 01:37:44 am

One thing that is voluntary is when you relaxe your muscle or contract it. One thing that is involuntary is your heart because you can not move it. Your heart beats by its self.

11/9/2012 09:29:07 am

I love it

11/7/2012 01:38:16 am

A involintary muscle is something that does it on purpose. Like make you breath. A volintary muscle is something you don't do on purpose. Like walk. Sometimes you jog and do you know your stomach makes you throw up without thimking about it.

11/7/2012 01:38:29 am

When you smile it is voluntary because you are useing your muscles.Your heart is involuntary because it moves with out your brain telling it to

11/7/2012 01:39:40 am

I learned that voluntary muscles are like when you smile you make yourslef smile you don't just walk around and smile all the time! I also leared that involuntary muscles are muscles that u don't control like yor heart!!!!!!

Emma K.
11/7/2012 01:39:50 am

A voluntary muscles are muscles that you tell to move.Like a smile,move your legs and even your arm. Involuntary muscles are muscles that does it by itself. You don't tell it to move. It's like your heart you don't tell it to move unless you sit there and say beat beat. But nobody does that. Well if you are realy not smart you would. No offence to some people. Any ways i got to go that's all.

11/7/2012 04:39:22 am

A voluntary muscle is like your arms and your legs you can relax it. A involuntary muscle is your heart and your eyelids you don`t tell your heart to beat all the time.And your eyelids would dry out if you wouldn`t blink all the time.I wish i could stay.But it`s time to go.So PEACE OUT YO!!!!!!!!

11/7/2012 01:40:48 am

Involuntary muscles are
Are responsible for movements you usually do not see or cotrol

11/7/2012 04:22:12 am

Math is the best thing ever

11/7/2012 04:28:54 am

Voluntary muscles are muscles you control your self like your legs,head and fingers. A involunetary muscle that you dont control likee your heart,stomach and your blinking your eyes.

11/7/2012 04:29:28 am

A involuntary muscle is a muscle you dont control like your heart your stomach you breathing and eyelids.A voluntary muscle is someing you do control when you move your legs arms head and fingers you can make thease muscle you can relax and contrat if you want to.so involuntary you dont move and voluntary is something you do control.

11/7/2012 04:29:44 am

Voluntary muscles are the muscles you use to move your arms and legs, your face,head, and finger. You can make these muscles contract or relex to control the way your body moves Involuntary muscles are reponsible for movements you usually dont see or control. These muscles make your heart,your stomach and digestive system , your diaphragh, and the muscles that control your eyelids. Your heart beats and your daiphragm, and the muscles that control your eyelids. Your heart beats and your diaphgram powers your breathing without you thinking abouth them. You can not stop the action of these muscles

11/7/2012 04:32:55 am

Voluntary Muscles are the musles you use to move your arm and leg,your face,head and figers.Involuntary muscels are your heart,your eyelids

Chloe T.
11/7/2012 04:33:19 am

A voluntary muscles is like you more your head to the right and that is a voluntary muscle because it don't do it by yourself because if it just be wered because it would do it all the time and who would want to more there head to the right all the time wont your head heat and that is what I learned in class.

11/7/2012 04:34:51 am

Voluntary muscles move your legs and arms.Involuntary muscles makes your heart pump.

11/7/2012 04:35:25 am

I love science becouse I can learn about involaterry mousuls and volatrry muscle. look in a science book number R8 and read you will get informashion that say a muscle is a body part that produces movement by contracting and realxing.

11/7/2012 04:39:07 am

musles are the thing that is in your body when you play football if you donot have bons you whont bavol to move and that you

11/7/2012 04:40:18 am

A voluntary muscles moves your arms and legs.Voluntary means you can cortrol your arms.Your eyes are both.Your heart is involuntray.That is my answer!!!

11/7/2012 04:40:53 am

Voluntary muscles control your arms and legs/ your face/ head/ and fingers. Involuntary muscles are responsible for movements you usually dont see or control. Voluntary muscle is like you blink or smile. Involuntary muscie is like your muscles make up your heart it gose on to keep you alive.

11/7/2012 04:41:07 am

volnuntary is like you move it dont move self if you move arm your you move it by your self. involuntary is it move by it selt like your heart.

11/7/2012 04:41:28 am

Involuntary muscles are things that you cannot cortol like your heat unless u tell it to beat beat.But nobody really does that unless they are not that smart.Voluntary muscles are things that u can cortrol like your legs and arms.Like you run with your legs you wave your arms.Well I got to go.

11/7/2012 04:41:34 am

involuntary muscles are your eyes or your heart. voluntary muscles are like your legs or your arms. If you are swiming you are using your voluntary muscle.

11/7/2012 04:41:46 am

Voluntary muscles are the muscles that move your arms and legs and fingers. Involuntary muscies are the muscles that you do not move like your heart and eyelids.

11/7/2012 04:53:55 am

A voluntary muscles are the muscles you use to move your arms and legs.Involuntary muscles are the ones you do not conchole you just done'nt tell your heart to beat beat beat.

11/7/2012 05:35:07 am

Your muscles help you run walk hit smile and you do not make your haert stop start .My movement is setting in my chair in class in you cam move your arm. you do not mke your stomach do this and that.


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