I spotted my present under the tree.  It was the largest box I had ever seen.  It was wrapped in sparkly green and red paper.  I ran to it. As I was about to open it, it began to shake.  Then, noises came from inside...

Stories written by Mrs. Graham's Thoughtful Third Graders and published by Mrs. Graham.


12/19/2012 2:12pm

I was very nervous of what was inside. I was surprised. It was a puppy dog. she was white with black spots. It was an american pit bull. She jumped out and licked me. She was very cute. Her ears were long and her tail was short but now she is big and she doesn't stop looking at me when I get home.

12/19/2012 3:21pm

I spotted my present under the tree. It was the largest box I had ever seen. It was wrapped in sparkly green and red paper. I ran to it. As I was about to open it, it began to shake. Then, noises came from inside. I know it cannot be a dog. I have one from last Christmas. The noise seamd like it was chuing on something! Then my dad said which one is first? I chose the one with the green and red paper. When I had open it it was a ribbit. Then I fed it a caritte then I named it CoCo because it was brown like coco. A few weeks later she had some babys. I had to name all of them Spot, Peter, and Sally.

Stephany Ezekiel
01/18/2013 8:37am

Love the variety of kind of sentences! When I read this, I could make a mind movie of this story going taking place. If anyone knows Evie they know she LOVES animals.

12/20/2012 3:42pm

Dear Mrs.Graham,I want my story on the blog it was funny. I work so hard on that story and you don't have it on the blog please get it on there soon!!!! I love you so much. We done so good today i loved it thank you so much for helping me with ever thing this year. I love your class it was so fun the Christmas play was cool so was you!!!!!!!!! I miss you.

01/18/2013 2:28pm

I think there is a elf in side and he or she is trying to get out so he or she can report back to santa

03/06/2013 2:26pm

I learned that Intersecting line is a line that runs in to each other.


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