Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.     -Dr. Seuss

This is my favorite quote from Dr. Seuss. The year passed so fast, and now it is done.  I miss you guys already!
After several days of professional development (those meetings your teachers always go to), I have officially begun summer.  I have cleaned closets and worked in there yard.  Does that sound like fun to you? What are you up to right now?  How is your summer going?

06/14/2013 9:50am

Tell Carson im going to be at my dads I think sometime this week or next week.Not so sure.Tell her I miss her.

07/17/2013 10:37pm

My summer is going great!!!!! I went to South Carolina and to the American Girl store at Atlanta for a surprise on our way to South Carolina. Hope everyone's summer is going well. I miss you Mrs.Graham

07/20/2013 5:44pm

I went to a little trip to chicogo for my bday while my brother was on a mishon trip in New York and now there in st.louis .


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