Wednesdays in our classroom end with show and tell.  It is a fun, relaxed time that lets my kiddos share with the class. And, until they read this post, they haven't even realized they are working on listening and speaking standards.
This week's show and tell time was very enlightening for me, and I feel it is worth sharing some of what I learned.
  • My third graders are super creative!
  • A friend that is willing to learn a dance on the fly (in front of the class) to help you out with your show and tell is a friend indeed!
  • Girls' backpacks are filled with all sorts of goodies they can share - just in case they forget to plan for a Wednesday show and tell.
  • Age isn't the only thing that can make you forget what you were going to say.  I remind them that they are too young to be forgetful like me.
  • Show and taste is even more fun than show and tell.
  • And finally - if your Elf and the Shelf gets its legs eaten by your dog it gets to hang around for a little longer after Christmas.

02/26/2013 1:21pm

That is right Mrs.Graham on wensday we do have show and tell and it is really fun to see what all my classmates have to share or show.I love to hear all the stories and see all the cool things!A lot of girls like to dance or sing in front of the class like me but we mostly hear stories or something like that.I love show and tell!


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