Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.     -Dr. Seuss

This is my favorite quote from Dr. Seuss. The year passed so fast, and now it is done.  I miss you guys already!
After several days of professional development (those meetings your teachers always go to), I have officially begun summer.  I have cleaned closets and worked in there yard.  Does that sound like fun to you? What are you up to right now?  How is your summer going?
Today is Earth Day!  We are learning about reducing, reusing, and recycling to help protect our planet.

We were able to experience recycling first hand today by making recycled paper.  Share how we recycled our old work that we no longer needed.  What were the steps?  What did it feel like? Look like?  What are some ways you can reduce, reuse, or recycle at home?
Make your own paper at home:  ehow:  How Kids Can Make Recycled Paper
We had the neatest group of visitors today.  Mrs. Souders (Talyn's Mom) organized a visit from the Twin Rivers Survival Flight.  We had a blast and got to learn all about medical flights.  Thank you Mrs. Souders!  Check out our pics below.
I am blown away that in the middle of spring break we are under a winter weather advisory. I just don't think that is fair! Another thing I don't find fair is that I have spent my entire spring break putting down new flooring. Not much fun there. I hope you are having more fun than me. What have you been up to this week?
We are learning about types of lines in geometry this week.  For example, the keys on a piano run parallel to each other.  They are the same distance apart at every point and do not intersect.
Share something you have learned this week about lines, segments, and rays.
Today we began our "test run" with iPads in our classroom.  What did you think?  Our goal this week is to find a way we can use the it in each subject to help us learn new information or share what we know.   Can you tell me a way you would like to use the iPad to help you learn?

Today I talked with you about the possiblity of replacing our chairs with exercise balls.  What do you think about this idea?  Do you think it would help your learning?

My "old" ladies on the 100th day.
My "old" men on the 100th day.
Today is the 100th Day of School. Hip, hip, horray!  We started our celebration early with a 100th day shopping spree on Monday.  I told each student they were getting $100 each to spend on some of their favorite internet sites (of my choosing).  After many cheers, I had to break the news that it was only pretend money.  Oh well, we still had a blast.  What girl wouldn't love the chance to shop Justice for everything that glitters and shines?  What boy wouldn't love the chance to shop for his favorite video game or team gear?
My kiddos were given a chart to track their spending and links to Justice, Academy Sports, and Toys R Us.  They went straight to work.  They were surprised at how difficult it was to spend as close to $100 as possible!  They had to estimate, find totals (addition), calculate amount spent (subtraction), and figure "buy one get one half off" sales-lots of math skills put to the test in a real life setting.
I had many students shopping the clearance links to spend that last dollar.  I loved hearing the math chatter around the room, kids discussing their budget and telling their friends what kind of deals they were finding was priceless.  You could just see the gears turning.  Loved it!  This lessons was a success!  

Wednesdays in our classroom end with show and tell.  It is a fun, relaxed time that lets my kiddos share with the class. And, until they read this post, they haven't even realized they are working on listening and speaking standards.
This week's show and tell time was very enlightening for me, and I feel it is worth sharing some of what I learned.
  • My third graders are super creative!
  • A friend that is willing to learn a dance on the fly (in front of the class) to help you out with your show and tell is a friend indeed!
  • Girls' backpacks are filled with all sorts of goodies they can share - just in case they forget to plan for a Wednesday show and tell.
  • Age isn't the only thing that can make you forget what you were going to say.  I remind them that they are too young to be forgetful like me.
  • Show and taste is even more fun than show and tell.
  • And finally - if your Elf and the Shelf gets its legs eaten by your dog it gets to hang around for a little longer after Christmas.